Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions



This site is secured by Copyright. The terms of us are finishing accessible to you on the accompanying terms which apply to the entire or any piece of the Site:


If it's not too much trouble confirm your reports when you gather them. You can directly call us if you have any questions.


Registration - Minimum registration before 90 either local/universal flights, 2 hours. Beset up to present a Government Issued photograph I.D. at the ticket counter.


RECONFIRMATION - Ensure the utilization and time of flights at any rate of 24 hours for household and 72 hours for universal. The inability to use any reservations may bring about programmed scratch-off of all proceedings and return reservations.


On the off chance that your arrangements have been changed in course, contact the movement office or call the twilight assistance for help. Different charges may be applied. It isn't important to buy another ticket if a discount is expected. If it's not too much trouble drop your booking before to flight time or ticket will have no worth.


These occasions, flights, and tolls depend on existing duties that are subject to adjust with no notification.


TICKETS - Most tickets have esteem. Any not used to flight coupons ought to be returned so as to choose discount esteem. Lost, taken or pulverized tickets must be paid for till discount is normal from the giving transporter, subject to a carrier forced assistance charge.


Lodgings are customarily affirmed on a guaranteed installment premise. On the off chance that you drop or change plans, it would be ideal if you inform your inns inside the timespan nitty-gritty by that lodging. Strategies might be diverse by property.


Visit/PACKAGE PRICES are liable to adjust without notice because of money unsteadiness, tax changes or increment in operational expenses. Likewise, bunch visits/bundles depend on the least number of travelers voyaging: if the quantity of travelers falls beneath the base fundamental, an additional charge can be forced on all travelers.


Undoing’s AND REFUNDS we keep save the rights to extra handling expenses in the incident of discounts, retractions, and different administrations.


Verification of character is required for all movements. Without appropriate acknowledgment, or identification and essential visas, you won't be permissible for leaving. It is your risk to check your fundamental travel reports.


We unhesitatingly recommend Travel Insurance. There are assorted sorts of medicinal, stuff or excursion abrogation’s protection from the vendor or the office.



airlinesreservationsus.com solely act as an agent, we create a connection between travelers and suppliers of travel services. We do not own or manage any kind of Travel Services. We don't declare that we are airlines or are associated with any airlines. Entire branding is authentic for expressive purposes only and does not denote any involvement with any airlines or organization.