Add Flights to Google Calendar

Know How To Add Flights to Google Calendar

The Power of Google Calendar

Do you need any assistance in keeping your flight reservations safe and sound and giving reminders as and when required? Maybe, you are a very busy person who usually misses his flights by forgetting the data and flight schedule. Or are you well-structured calendar routine following man? Is it difficult to keep a record of your flight reservations? No worry! You can happily and easily add flights to Google calendar.

This, add flights to Google calendar, is one of the many tools of Google calendar. The process is ultra-easy.

In most cases, your Google setting must have an option to add a calendar event every time you make any flight reservations by providing your email ID in booking details. This you do as soon as any booking detail reaches in your mail-inbox. Simultaneously it adds a flight to Google calendar. If this is not happening with your Google account, you need not worry. You can easily customize the settings to enjoy such facilities.

What is Google calendar?

What is Google calendar

Google calendar is a management tool for managing the schedule of your flights. Google developed it in the beta version in 2006 and launched full-fledged in the year 2009 on the web as well as in the form of a mobile application. It has many distinctive features to attract the user and popularize it. It enables users to create as well as edit various events. Moreover, it also enables a reminder for the option created. It can even add an event location. Users can be invited via the Google calendar on the location with the event details. Google calendar also allows a user to customize the calendar events according to their choices. You can even make a to-do list and add daily activity reminders to it. It is one of the best innovations for people who have busy schedules and larger businesses, as well as various meetings.

Choose Delta Airlines

Choose Delta Airlines
Airbus 350

On Google Flights, one of the most affordable options for flight booking is Delta Airlines. This is one of the best websites that provides you the cheapest flight option at your convenient time. Please search for the preferred flight and add it to the Google calendar. Thus, you will have a track of all the flights available at different times along with the venue name and date. The authentic airlines will make your journey a smooth one and that too within your budget. The meals are superb, and the airline staffs pay special attention to the hospitality of each and every passenger boarding the flights.

So, before making the final booking, add the suitable flights to Google calendar to choose the perfect option on-time.


How to add flights to Google calendar automatically?

1. Login into your Google calendar on your computer or mobile at
2. In the right corner top side, you can find the gear icon, click on it.
3. A drop-down menu will appear. Click on ‘setting’ from the menu.
4. Go to the extreme left of the page, you will see a toolbar. Scroll down it until you find ‘Events in Gmail.’
5. Down there, you will see ‘ automatically add events from my Gmail to the calendar.’ A box is beside it. Tick in the box.
With this, now all your events available in the inbox on Gmail will start showing in the calendar. In the same manner, it will also add flights to Google calendar.
This was the complete step by step process to enable adding flight information to the Google calendar automatically.

How to manually add flights to Google calendar?

It is also a straightforward process. Here in this method, Google calendar fails to automatically retrieve data from Gmail inbox or if flight detail is not available in the mailbox. As a result of these types of issues, we do manual adding of flight details in a Google calendar. The steps to be followed are,

1. Visit Google calendar.
2. Then select the date with time when you want to add a flight
3. Here provide the flight details by just pasting copied text or typing along with the other if you want to.
4. Afterward, click on save to complete the manual procedure to add flights to Google calendar.

How to delete flights on Google Calendar?

Google calendar also gives the facility of deleting any flights added to it. To remove any flights added earlier, tap on the time frame of the Google calendar. Then you can use another two ways to do so,

Either click on the thrash can logo located on the popup window. It is there at the top right. Or, you can right-click and choose ‘delete’ from the menu that appears.

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